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crystal Meth or also Methamphetamine crystal

crystal Meth or also Methamphetamine crystal usually comes in the form of a crystalline white powder. Other colors of powder  observed, including brown, yellow-gray, orange and even pink. It can also be compressed into pill form.


METH: Beannies Brown Chalk Crank Chicken feed Cinnamon Crink Crypto Fast Getgo Methlies Quik Mexican crack Pervitin (Czech Republic) Redneck cocaine Speed Tick tick Tweak Wash Yaba (Southeast Asia) Yellow powder CRYSTAL METH: Batu Blade Cristy Crystal Crystal glass Glass Hot ice Ice Quartz Shabu Shards Stove top Tina Ventana.
Methamphetamine (contracted from N- methylamphetamine) is a …. methamphetamine hydrochloride. Crystal meth – illicit methamphetamine hydrochloride …
Trade names: Desoxyn, Methedrine

Formula: C10H15N

Bioavailability: Oral: 70%; IV: 100%

Metabolism: CYP2D6 and FMO3

Methamphetamine – meth for short – is a very addictive stimulant drug. It is a powder that can be made into a pill or a shiny rock (called a crystal). The powder can be eaten or snorted up the nose. It can also be mixed with liquid and injected into your body with a needle. Crystal meth is smoked in a small glass pipe.

Meth at first causes a rush of good feelings, but then users feel edgy, overly excited, angry, or afraid. Meth use can quickly lead to addiction. It causes medical problems including

  • Making your body temperature so high that you pass out
  • Severe itching
  • “Meth mouth” – broken teeth and dry mouth
  • Thinking and emotional problems




crystal Meth

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